Ignite Baltimore: 16 speakers x 5 minutes


Speaking at Ignite Baltimore

We usually call for speakers about three months before each Ignite event. We ask you to submit a short proposal describing your idea. A panel of judges reviews each submissions in order to select 16 speakers. We announce those speakers about a month ahead of time. Check out speak.ignitebaltimore.com to see whether we are currently accepting speakers.

Proposal Guidelines

First things first: there arenʼt any rules when it comes to proposing an Ignite talk. We donʼt place any automatic restrictions on subject matter and youʼre free to submit anything you like. Each proposal is judged equally and on its own merits.

That said, our goal is to assemble an interesting program that will inspire the audience and get them talking. So in order to help meet that goal, weʼve put together some notes on what we are and arenʼt looking for in hopes that itʼll help you formulate your thoughts.

Keeping the following in mind, then adding liberal doses of individuality and creativity, will significantly improve the odds of your talk getting chosen.

1. Ignite talks are a forum for ideas, not for marketing.

This is as close to a hard-and-fast rule as we have. Anything that looks or feels like a proposal designed to market or promote a business, an individual, or a product will almost certainly not be chosen. Itʼs not that youʼre not allowed to talk about your work or your business, but if you intend to do so it should be in such a way that it informs a larger idea.

Think of it this way: you should never be selling from the stage. A good talk about a good idea (or ideas) will engage and excite people on its own merits. If you donʼt think your proposal fits that criteria then it probably doesnʼt.

2. The goal is to get people thinking and talking.

There are countless ways to do this. For example, you can: